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Items Stolen by Appleton

Other items stolen by Bill Appleton, not pictured

  • A 1500s very fine and exceedingly rare Chinese Imperial Scroll on rice paper, mountain scene, greenery, animals, pagodas, and more. The scroll is priceless and historical.
  • The upper- and mid-components of a large pair of William the IV candelabra about 1830 Note: Picture is incomplete, the bases have been recovered, while Appleton admits to the existence of the remainder.
  • A large set of commemorative gold coins, many of Canadian mint, admittedly fenced and sold by Appleton, apparently in Cincinnati.

Note: The statements contained in this manual are based on known facts, proven by investigative and police research.

Any and all help in the recovery of any of these items is greatly appreciated. Such thefts do no one any good. Thefts and cheating only cause harm to the human race. For any help for the recovery of these items rewards will be issued. It is hoped that by exposing this, future thefts will be prevented.



Email: reward4jewelry@gmail.com

or Call: 847-875-6164

…with any information pertaining to the location of the stolen items or any other information that would lead to the recovery of these jewels. If you recover the item(s) yourself, you may qualify for a greater reward.


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