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Bill (William) Appleton

2007 Theft of Jewelry and other Assets

Posing as a financial adviser Mr. Bill Appleton took advantage of a number of people, primarily defenseless, elderly ladies. In that process he stole some $6 million dollars in cash and $3 million in physical assets from vulnerable individuals. Preying on them he promised to invest their money in secured assets. Instead he absconded with the funds and assets, converting them to cash for his own gain. It is known that Mr. Appleton used those illicit gains to visit the Cayman Islands, London, and other international sites.

Ohio “Investment Advisor” Pleads Guilty To Defrauding Clients Out Of $5 Million

William Appleton, 41, formerly of Cincinnati, Ohio and now residing in Seattle, Washington, pleaded guilty Friday to one count of mail fraud and one count of income tax evasion in connection with defrauding his investment clients out of some $5 million. Appleton, an insurance agent, posed as an investment advisor under the guise of two entities he controlled, Appleton Advisors and Appleton Capital Management, and solicited investors promising to invest their funds in the financial markets. Instead, Appleton used the money for his own personal benefit—fraudtalk.blogspot.com

William Appleton was sentenced to more than 13 years in jail by the U.S. District Court in Dayton. Appleton, 41, was also ordered to pay $6.3 million in restitution, including $1.1 million to the Internal Revenue Service. He pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud and tax evasion.

In addition to the above criminal charges, Mr. Appleton was charged with stealing jewelry and other valuables as demonstrated on the following pages. Some of these valuables were taken to London, others to Seattle and still others fenced or sold for money in Cincinnati. An Interpol warrant was issued for Appleton’s arrest in London due to proven actions of fencing stolen goods. The goods were taken through a break-in.

The London, England, police report number is 6209378/07.

There is a reward for information leading to the recovery of the jewelry items stolen. If you have any information in this regard contact:

If you recover the item(s) yourself, you will qualify for an even greater reward.


UPDATED WRITE-UP: The primary facility involved in the selling of the stolen jewelry was New Bond St. Pawnbrokers. It made no sense for this entity to do this, since the man who represented the stolen goods, Bill Appleton, had no provenance or proof that the owned the goods.

It was obviously hot goods, as he rode up to these facilities on a bicycle, putting all these valuables in a back-pack and then dumping them on the jewelry counters, according to eyewitnesses.

The selling of the stolen items involving a neighboring facility, known as Gray’s Antique Market. The primary agent involved in the sell-through at the Market is Michael Marks. It was Marks who attempted to sell many of the high-end items to booth owners at the mart. When interviewed directly, Marks refused to cooperate and even punched an estate agent in the arm when he attempted to gain information.

There is now additional information. In a recent call to this Website the pawnbroker’s son claims that there is no evidence in the police report about a certain issue. In his verbal statement he claimed that there was nothing in the police report about claims by the owners to lose or misplace the receipt for what amounts to several thousand pounds in sales of the two high-end items, the yellow diamond-sapphire brooch and the diamond necklace.

He was told, “You did claim that you lost the receipt, and this is in the police report,” which he denied, saying, ‘It would have been a big problem for them with the police if they didn’t retain the receipt.’

He also claimed he ‘knew nothing about it.’

The point is every effort possible has been made to gain cooperation with the pawnbroker to achieve restitution of the stolen goods. Yet, tere has been a continuous refusal by its agents to assist the effort. Rather, every effort has been made to obfuscate by specifically refusing to identify the purchasers, as had been done by other dealers who assisted in the recovery. 

By denying access to the receipt there has been no reasonable means to attempt to recover the goods.

We republish parts of the police report, here, to demonstrate that this isn’t true:

From the pawn shop after being contacted by a pawnbroker professional organization:

Taken from the police report.

We are, therefore, demanding of New Bond Street Pawnbrokers the following:

  • That the entity remit, immediately, to this Website the invoice for the sale of the yellow diamond/sapphire brooch.
  • That it also do so for the diamond necklace.
  • That it do so for all other items from the Appleton theft, including the triple pearl pin.
  • That New Bond Street Pawnbrokers pay in-full the amount due for the D-colored side stones that it sold off to the trade or return the equivalent of such stones.
Our demands for Gray’s Antique Market are as follows:
  • That cooperation be achieved from Mr. Marks to produce the invoices for the sale of the stolen triple-pearl pin, the black pearl ring, and the Mobasson diamond necklace. Eyewitnesses have stated that he represented the stolen Mobasson necklace throughout the Market.
  • That Mr. Marks cooperate by either providing details of precisely who these stolen goods were sold to or that, in kind, he pay the due for collecting any money for these illicit sales
  • That Mr. Marks re-pay the amount taken for the sale of the Erte earrings, for which he has admittedly sold and illicitly profited from, the same man who became physical in the Market when confronted with what he had done; it is proven that Marks profited from the sale of these stolen items.
  • That Mr. Nigel Normal make restitution for the value of the stolen cuff links, which had sold and which he has thus far refused to do so.

Below: Bill Appleton in Britain during the theft.

Bill Appleton in the Carribean, possibly the Cayman Islands using stolen money.

Appleton enlisted as his victims a number of elderly women perpetrating ponzi schemes against them. In one case consuming a women’s entire lifesavings.


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…with any information pertaining to the location of the stolen items or any other information that would lead to the recovery of these jewels. If you recover the item(s) yourself, you may qualify for a greater reward.


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